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We envision a future in which every child has access to an adequate, high-quality education that allows them to develop a sustainable livelihood.


Isrina Schools was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide quality basic education to underprivileged children within the community at a heavily subsidized rate. It is located in Ajegunle, Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, Lagos State.

The school currently has over 100 pupils from day-care to basic five. Since its inception, the founders through the school have helped and supported the children in Ajegunle – a larger percentage were out of school with their parents unable to afford the fees.

At the inception of the school, the fee was pegged at N3000 ($7) per pupil, however, due to limited resources, the fee was increased to N5000 ($13) to ensure sustainability. The school relies heavily on sponsorship and funding from donors and good spirited individuals who identify with the school’s vision. The school has so far graduated ten pupils who are in Junior Secondary School (1-3)


Our School, Isrina School was founded by siblings, Amuzie Rose and Amuzie Grace who both grew up in Ajegunle, a slum in Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA in Lagos State, Nigeria. Their experiences growing up there and the worrying number of out-of-school children in the area was a big motivating factor for them.

Their secondary and tertiary education was sponsored by a kind woman who was impressed with their intellectual and academic prowess. Undeterred by their humble beginning and moved by this uncommon show of generosity, Rose and Grace established Isrina Schools so as to extend this opportunity and privilege to others.

Grace began teaching at an early age of 15 during summer breaks which attracted positive response of parents within the community. Grace is a graduate of Economics from Crawford University while Rose is a first-class graduate of Sociology from Covenant University.

Grace Amuzie

Rose Amuzie

Our Approach

— RecyclesPay Project

The “RecyclesPay” Project allows parents to cover a portion of their children’s school fees by collecting and bringing the plastic waste to school. This model of payment was introduced in 2019 which led to a partnership with African Clean-up Initiative.

— Skill Acquisition Program

This program is to enable our children to acquire basic skills to enhance their knowledge and choices in life. The skill acquisition program will empower our children to generate the required resources, start small businesses to continue their education and equally help their families and communities. Some of the skills involved;