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Build a World Where Children
Are Safe, Strong & Valued

What We Do

Founded in 2016, as a volunteer-driven school that primarily provides quality education, skills training, and educational support to children from low-income households.


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Impact Stories

Meet Christabel Ekereke

Having lost her mum during childbirth at a tender age, her grandma became her primary caregiver. She was enrolled as a learner in 2017 and displayed remarkable capabilities in her academics.

She emerged at the top of her class every academic session and assumed the position of the head girl. She participated in First Aid Education Training for Children in 2019.

Christabel Ekereke is a recipient of the Rehoboth Solid Dream Foundation Academic Scholarship. This scholarship will span through her secondary and tertiary education.

Christabel is currently in JSS1 at Blevour College, Ajegunle. We congratulate her and wish her every achievement in her academic pursuits.

Meet Mercy Nduka

born April 7th 2010, 2020/2021 graduate of Isrina Schools in Ajegunle. She loves dancing, teaching and has an interest in art.

Despite her parental financial status, she’s committed to excel in her studies and make life better for herself, her family and her community. She’s a beneficiary of the RecyclesPay Project in Isrina Schools.

While in Isrina Schools she has developed her communication skills through interactions with peers – explaining difficult concepts to the
understanding of her classmates and friends.

Last year, schools were asked to shut down to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. For most children, learning was halted and could not transition to online or alternative learning methods.